Endless interactive marqer labels

The interactive marqer label allows you to identify an object and keep an "infinite" history of its States, with the ability to send reminders of necessary actions with the object.

At the moment, these labels are used by Marqer to identify and record the equipment of employees ' workplaces and cans and bottles for winter preparations of canned food and craft drinks.

The trial version of the phone app allows you to create A4 sheets for printing 24 or 65 Marqer labels on self-adhesive paper.

1. Install the app on your smartphone

Google Play QR.gif


3. Register in the app. Work with it, send comments and suggestions for improvement via Feedback in the app.

4. You can get a free sheet of self-adhesive labels from me, print it yourself, or send your pdf with labels to the post office support@marqer.online , I'll print a trial copy for you.

The script works with the application:

  1. Register in the app

  2. Print the first sheet of labels on a sheet of self-adhesive paper

  3. Stick a label on an item

  4. Scan in the app and set a name for the item

  5. Record the current state of the object

  6. Add a reminder if necessary

Other scenarios can be found in the corresponding section.